Glad to be here!

Having had the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients in the life of my career, something that I am so very focused on is quality client service.  I have heard some horrible stories of attorneys not letting their clients know about the status of their cases, attorneys not being willing to explain certain aspects of a case, and attorneys just outright neglecting not the case, but the client — the reason the attorney is working on the case.  I will not do that.  Regardless of the fact that I have been working in the legal field for more than a decade, I understand that dealing with legal matters are at best, anxiety producing and at worst, truly debilitating.  My feeling is that knowledge is power.  So, as your attorney, my goal is to be responsive to you and provide you with enough information that you are armed and can make good, strategic decisions AND you can sleep at night while you are protecting yourself or pursuing your rights.   I am here to inform and assist.

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